current events as of 1 jan 03

last night was incredible. i never felt so comfortable being squished by a sweaty throng. thanks so much to everyone who made that happen. much love. we are planning a potluck in the guestbook. thanks again, kev

current events as of 26 dec 02

this is not a lie : kicked in the head, thegoonies, marc flynn, foam n'mesh, the drive, 6$, all ages(duh), 6pm, new years eve, the icc church in allston. look at and wear your play clothes.

i've been advised to mention that this is a) the only all ages event in boston on new years, b) 6$ and over early (~9-930) so you can go to partiesand c) if you have a practice amp, head, or cab you'd be willing to lend us.. call matt zaccarino at 508 478 3082, kevin driscoll at 508 799 5693 or just bring it to the show with your name written on it somewhere. i know this is a shot in the dark but we need as many as possible. thanks!


i made a 15 minute mp3 of that practice tape we had last weekend. the address is if your connection is fast enough, you can stream it in winamp. open the program, hit control+L and copy+paste the above address. otherwise, you'll probably have to hit "Save As.." though i don't recommend downloading this on a slow connection, since it's pretty crappy sounding.

brief synopsis

my name is kevin driscoll. i've been in a band called the goonies since august, 1998. i was 17 years old then, now i am 5 months shy of my 21st birthday. the band's lineup and sound has changed countless times during it's lifetime. we've released two studio recordings and are dissatisfied with them both. we tried touring last summer, played 3 shows ( 2 of them local ) and ended up just having an awesome adventure away from everything for a week.

we've played at *least* 100 shows in the new england area. if we didn't play that often, the band would never have lasted this long. the very existence of the goonies is owed entirely to everyone out there organizing and attending DIY shows. we played an 18+ night at the middle east once back in early 1999. it was awful. there are pictures of it that our friend matt spencer took- i have a crew cut.we agreed to never play age-restricted shows again.

despite being together for so long, we have surprisingly few songs. this is partly due to member changes and never re-learning songs and partly due to our own heavy self-criticism. we chop our setlists down constantly.

the songs are generally really loud and pretty angry. i write the majority of our lyrics and with each song, the process is harder and takes me longer to finish them. i try to freeze moments and mindsets into these 2 minute scream-a-longs and each time, i set the bar higher for myself. little else has moved me as much as the look on all your faces when we play these songs. that's why they mean so much to me. i'm not interested in screaming by myself in a room alone. i scream to break the ice- so all of us can be comfortable screaming and shouting together. once things flow and we're all moving-- there should be no barrier between "band" and "audience"- it's just people creating music + moments together.. i guess what i'm trying to say is that..

i love you.

until next time, kevin

mailing list


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old front page

this is how we made websites in 1993.

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